About Candian School

100% owned and operated by Canadian citizens and approved and licensed by Government of Canada.


100% owned and operated by Canadian citizens and approved and licensed by Government of Canada. We only Teach English – We do one thing and we do it well. Class sizes are 20 or less – More focused approach to learning English There is only one fee to pay – All material and Registration fees are included in the price. You study at a comfortable speed – We spend enough time on every lesson. Our teachers are Experienced and Qualified – We only employ the best We really care about your English – What you learn from us is our top priority

Our Values

Integrity – Doing the right thing
Quality – Being the best
Respect – Value each other
Teamwork – working together
Fun – Enjoying what we do

How Do We Teach

Our English courses are dynamic and fun. You will be encouraged to practice, but you will not be embarrassed in front of the class. We use modern approach to English language teaching and students are guided to discover concepts or find answers themselves.
Students are encouraged to help each other perform tasks and work on different projects while the teacher assists with vocabulary and grammar difficulties. The process ensures the students get to experience speaking English by practice. We all know that it is practice that makes perfect.

You Will Gain & Improve

1)  Confidence

2)  Fluency

3)  Pronunciation

4)  Vocabulary

5)  Grammar

6)  Writing

Improve Your Ability To

• Speak socially with others

• Communicate in public

• Write emails and messages

• Call and answer the phone

• Travel around the word confidently

• Watch and understand TV

This English Speaking course will improve your social life and boost your career Learning to speak English takes time and effort.

We make the process simple by providing you:

• A focused training program with focus on core skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing.

• Highly trained and qualified English teachers to provide guidance and motivation.

• Quality course material.

• A pleasant learning environment and convenient schedules on weekdays and weekends.

Here is some of what you will learn:

• Introducing yourself properly.

• Conversing within social situations

• Public speaking

• Organizing social events, invitations and parties

• Formal and informal language

• Professional language skills for workplace

• Using proper and professional phone manners

• Meetings and presentations

• Phrases and idioms

• Giving directions

• Open discussions and reviews

• Debates and expressing opinions